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The Devour Modeling Agency is having a summer celebration...



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The Devour Modeling Agency is having a summer celebration, and all of its top models are invited to a weekend vacation in a private home in New York’s famed beach community: the Hamptons.   LORENZO ANGELLI, owner of Devour and ex-husband of world-class supermodel, GIOVANNA CARNELLI, is treating his eight (8) star clients ANGEL, CARMEN, TIARA, ALEXIS, TITIANA, AVA, GOGA, and KIMBA to a sun-soaked, sexy getaway where none may ever return!  And it’s not because of the allure of the sun, sand and waves, it’s because there is a brutal and elusive killer in their midst, and nobody is safe from past secrets, hidden affairs, acts of  revenge, dangerous jealousy, and raw passion.

Welcome to MODEL HOUSE where thrills, flesh, and murder await! A suspense mystery thriller where everybody is a suspect right up until the moment they die.

At MODEL HOUSE, it is no easy feat to distinguish predator from prey.  Angel and Ava are the two (2) new faces, and are getting all the attention from Lorenzo. Does this make them targets or give them the brazen boldness to claw their way to the top at any cost?  Then there's JAMES GOLDSTEIN, Tiara's fiancée, who is quite the ladies man and has had more than his fair share of trysts.  Is the thrill of the conquest no longer enough to stir his passions?  Perhaps he needs something darker in his life?

FRANK is Goga's bodyguard and part-time lover.  She treats him like garbage, but just may not live long enough to regret it. JULIE BRESSON is Lorenzo's personal assistant who knows far more about what is really going on at Devour then she should.  And of course there's HERMAN, the groundskeeper who keeps his eyes fixated just a bit too closely on the models from the moment they arrive.

At MODEL HOUSE, models are an endangered species.  In the tradition of classic murder mysteries such as Agatha Christie's “Ten Little Indians” and edge of your seat horror flicks like “HALLOWEEN” and “FRIDAY THE 13TH” comes a new home for beauty and terror.

A horror thriller that will keep you guessing until the very end.  It's sexy, it's scary, it's scandalous!

. . .never has anything so bad, looked so good.

For more go to www.modelhousethefilm.com.