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As needs in our world continue to increase, is it time we rethink how we address them?

Humanitarian needs caused by both nature and man has created an enormous demand for assistance, and the demand seems to continue to out weigh supply.

With all the charities, aid organizations, churches and government aid agencies that exist, why is it we still have homelessness, hunger, drought, slavery, human trafficking, and communities scattered around the world lacking access to basic education, and health care causing vast deaths from preventable causes? All which can be considered as severe social inequality.

The effectiveness of traditional channels such as not for profit organizations, and government agencies that help humanitarian needs, are being questioned.

There are a number of reasons as to why these entities maybe ineffectual in addressing the aforementioned. Whatever these reasons it creates a need for new models of philanthropy to be explored.

'Equation of Change' (EOC) presents an alternative way of living that empowers society to address humanitarian issues on local, national and international levels. Business, careers and our homes are embedded in the fabric of our communities and lives. Can a new possibility be created using these channels?

Equation of Change explores a workable solution which introduces the concept EOC "Change Agent'.

The Equation of Change takes viewers on a journey exploring the idea of how businesses and individuals can radically address social needs as part of their normal day to day activities, an analyzes how a slight shift in business models and lifestyles can dramatically address social needs while maintaining commercial profits and having little interruption to our day to day living.

EOC Interviews unique industry professionals and leaders in the world of education, philanthropy and entrepreneurship who share why immediate action is needed in order to effectively address current humanitarian needs before they are beyond our control. We also hear from those who have experimented with the EOC model.

One example of the EOC model being used by a business is a project by Virgin Atlantic. Narrated by Sir Richard Branson, we see how the company engaged employees and customers to rebuild a school in Kenya, Africa. Set in London and Kenya this example shows how a global company can operate on a local level to address a humanitarian need while fulfilling its business objectives at the same time.

On a individual level we hear from Ruth McCartney, how an ordinary house party was used to collect canned goods from guests which were then donated to a local food bank that was desperately in need of donations.

Equation of Change explores how if the 'EOC change agent' approach is applied by individuals and businesses around the world, social inequality, and humanitarian needs would be drastically reduced and would move our world toward being more sustainable.

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